email us: or call: 01242 678300
  Self Service Washing Machines  
  and Tumble Dryers  
    Washing Machine  
    Standard Washing Machines £5 per load
    Large Washing Machines £8 per load
All of our washing machines are fitted with the latest
New Liquid Detergent Injection System
    This means there is no need to bring any washing powder or softener  
    You have a choice of Bio or Non Bio Detergent  
    Tumble Dryers
    Standard Tumble dryers £1
    The "Jumbo Dryer" from £1
    Simply pay at "The Central Pay Point"  
    You can use £2, £1, 50p, 20p & 10p coins.  
    Change is given if you do not have the correct amount.  
  Personal Laundry Service  
  Washed and Dried. Folded neatly. approx. £11.50 per load
  Ironing service is available on request.  
  Ironing Service
  £6 per Kg load
  (5 shirts approx)
    Service Washes from £3.50
  Duvets & Sleeping Bags  
  Single Duvet £14.50
  Double Duvet £16.50
  King Size Duvet £18.50
  Super King Size Duvet £20.50
  Sleeping Bags / Throw-overs £14.50
    All feather filled articles plus £4
    (based on M&S sizes)  
    £10 surcharge for seasonal duvet  
  Horse Rugs  
  Washed £14.00
  Washed and Reproofer £25.00
  Sports Kits  
  Football Kits from £14.00 per kit
  Rugby Kits from £19 per kit